If you have a brick-and-mortar or virtual retail business, we would like to partner with you to offer our products in your store! Our wholesale purchasing program lets you take advantage of our EPIC Evangelists discounts (as commissions), but also enables you to earn commissions on products that your shoppers purchase from our website! Great products in-store, great income for you both in-store and online.

Your success is our success – we are excited to offer a variety of benefits for wholesale purchases at the following thresholds:

Benefit100 Units (Pairs)500 Units (Pairs)1,000 Units (Pairs)
Eligible for
EPIC Evangelists
Affiliate Program?
FREE Back of House
Storage System?
FREE Counter Display?noYESYES
FREE Customized
Earring Cards w/Your
EPIC Evangelists URL
Total Product Discount
(incl. EPIC Evangelists
Re-stocking Fee for
Product Exchanges
Overall ValuegoodBetterEPIC