Figure 1: Align the slots of the Epic Ears jacket with the slots in the Epic Ecosystem tool

Your Epic Ears merchandise comes with an amazing feature – interchangeability! Each wooden design is meant to be inserted into and removed from one or more colorful “jackets”. Together, a wood design and a colorful jacket make up an earring that can help you express your EPIC self.

Figure 2: Align the openings of the top and bottom of the tool and press down on the tool gently

The Epic Ecosystem consists of the wood designs, the colorful jackets, and the Epic Tool which helps you with insertion and removal of the wood designs into and out of the colorful jackets. Each jacket has two slots in the back, enabling our EPIC tool to pop the design out of the jacket quickly and easily.

The Epic Ecosystem helps you express yourself in an amazing number of ways:

  • Feel like wearing a unicorn design inside of a rainbow jacket today? No problem!
  • Feel like putting that same unicorn design into a pink jacket tomorrow? Easy peasy!
  • Want to put entirely new designs into those rainbow or pink jackets later in the week? Great idea, go for it!
Figure 4: Once the design is popped out, put it into a different color jacket or store it for later

One design and one jacket give you one way to wear them. Two different designs and two different jackets give you four ways to wear them. Five different designs and five different jackets give you 25 ways to wear them. Two hundred different designs and two hundred different jackets give you 40,000 ways to wear them. That’s a lot of ways to express yourself or give the gift of expression to someone you care about!

Figure 5: Put the new design in the jacket for a whole new way to express your EPIC self!

You can even flip the tool over to help you insert the new design into your colorful jacket.

Figure 6: A whole new look!